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Teams are selected via the AABL Combine / Draft. Registered players “tryout” in the Combine and then are selected by coaches in the AABL Draft.

Who Can Register?

To register for the combine you must be between 16 and 20 years of age. The 2023 October season is for males only. AABL will include females in the October 2024 season.

  • Any player that turns 16 in the 2023 calendar year is eligible to register for the Combine (athlete turns 16 before 31 Dec 2023).
  • Players can not register for the Combine if they turn 21 before Oct 7, 2023.

Combine Dates

The AABL Combine will be held at MSAC on Sept 27 & 28 from 12pm – 3pm daily. To be drafted players must attend at least one of the Combine so they can be evaluated by the AABL and its coaches.

Combine Cost

There is a registration fee of $60 to enter into the Combine. The top 120 athletes that are drafted into the AABL will have $60 deducted from their season player fees. Player fees will be $699 – $60 (combine registration fee).

All participating players in the AABL Combine receive an AABL Tee.

Draft Details

The draft will be held straight after the last day of the combine on the 28th of September.

Coaches will select their teams via the AABL Draft after they have had an opportunity to view evaluate players in the AABL Combine. The order of selection for the coaches will be determined via the AABL Draft Lottery which will happen prior to the AABL Combine.

The AABL Draft will operate with a serpentine or “snake” format over 10 rounds. This means that the draft order is reversed in every round (eg 1..12, 12..1, 1..12, 12..1, etc.). For example, the AABL Coach that has first pick in the draft will pick first in round one, and then last in round two.

Combine Registration Link

To register with the combine click here.

If you have any problems with your registration process please contact

All selected athletes will receive free access to the All Australian Basketball Recruitment and Scouting site. AABL athletes also receive free scouting reports.

The scouting reports will provide the basis for the All Australian Basketball Player Rankings . Please note only the top 30 athletes will be listed and publicised all other rankings will remain private.

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