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Play It Forward

Nigel Purchase and Sedale Threatt Jr have spent many years in the basketball development space. Together they have put together this incorporated / non-for-profit league to provide a space for the U16 – U20s boys to develop into professionals.

This sport has given us so much.

It is our obligation to pay it forward!

There are so many talented Australian’s who have the determination to make it. There is however a gap in the system that needs to be filled. We need to bring together Australia’s best players and coaches with Australia’s up and coming players, so that the knowledge and experience can be passed on and give our kids all that they need to succeed.

We have also spent years putting together an application that will present our Australian athletes to the world with player rankings, video highlights, monitored chatrooms and courses that educated our kids on the American collegiate system. We want to give this to our kids for free.

Are you passionate about basketball?

Get Involved

Are you passionate about basketball? Whether you are a coach, player, administrator or just want to help with the setup, we encourage you to get involved.

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Welcome to the All-Australian Basketball League (AABL). We are a non-for profit league that facilitates the professional development of basketball athletes aged between 16 & 20 years.

b Saturdays: 11:30am to 1pm;

Satuday: 10am to 2pm