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about aable or all australian basketball league


The immediate aim of AABL is to provide an elite league in Melbourne that provides basketball players, coaches, and officials with the fundamental learnings of a professional career. AABL’s elite league caters to the select group of players, coaches, officials, and administrators that are superior in terms of ability, knowledge, and network in relation to the Victorian, Australian, and international basketball industry standards.

Elite Athletes => E x E x E = E³

Exponential Potential

E1 Education 

Professional basketball coaches and organisers providing expert mentoring for assistant coaches, players, and officials. Free access to the All Australian Basketball resources and courses also provide critical information for the development of elite athletes.

E2 Experience 

A platform designed to simulate a professional league. With a combine, draft, trades, and player rankings, this fast paced physical league will provide both players and officials with a professional basketball experience.

E3 Exposure 

Professional scouting reports, rankings, highlight reels and individual player profiles provide international coaches and scouts with reliable representations of Australian athletes.

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Welcome to the All-Australian Basketball League (AABL). We are a non-for profit league that facilitates the professional development of basketball athletes aged between 16 & 20 years.

b Saturdays: 11:30am to 1pm;

Satuday: 10am to 2pm